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These sturdy dog collars are handmade with vegetable-tanned leather and treated with Fiebings Resolene for all your outdoor adventures. All dog collars are made to order. If you want the collar to be personalized with a name and/or phone number, fill out the text form below (extra charges apply).


(Dog not included in sale)

Custom Dog Collars

  • Take the measurement of your dog's neck around the middle, halfway between the base of their skull and their chest/shoulders, then choose a collar size that encompasses that measurement. For example, if your dog's neck measures 18 inches, choose the size for 16-24". Dog collars should be snug around your dog's neck, but you should always be able to fit two fingers underneath. 

    X SMALL: 8-12"

    SMALL: 10-14"

    MEDIUM: 14-20"

    LARGE: 16-24"

    X LARGE: 24-30"


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