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Striped Dog Forge is a company born from a passion for the outdoors and a desire to accomplish a more self sustaining lifestyle. 


In 2019 my wife Patience and I abandoned civilization for a small farm in rural Maine in the hopes of creating and maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle. Between writing books, forging knives, leatherworking, farming, hunting, and homesteading, we've managed to make a life out of pursuing our passions.


Our goal is to create functioning art that serves all of our customers' needs in utility, security, and aesthetics. Striped Dog Forge's handmade products are meant for everyone from adventurers, to hunters, to gardeners, to chefs, to whoever else could possibly benefit from an expertly crafted blade.

Douglass Hoover is a Marine infantry combat veteran (OEF) and holds an MFA from Emerson College. When not forging, woodworking, or hunting you can find him hidden away in some darkened nook of the farm drinking cheap scotch and swearing at a computer while he tries to write his next novel.


Patience Hoover was born and raised on Cape Cod. After years spent slinging drinks as a bartender while in college, she indulged her entrepreneurial spirit by founding her own editing business. Nowadays she practices fine leatherworking and spends her days homesteading, farming, and wrangling the pack of wild dogs that lives with her (including her husband).

Striped Dog Forge
Striped Dog Forge

Skootcha Nunchuck Monsterface (The Striped Dog) was birthed from the bowels of hell and sent forth to deliver destruction and mayhem unto the world. Though her inherent right to rule the realms of men has not yet been realized, she still enjoys mauling her owners and barking obnoxiously at literally anything that moves. Even so, she is a good girl. Sometimes.

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