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"You can feel the skies darkening as you read, swelling with moisture and violence, ready to unleash on those foolish enough to be caught in the open. I rate this book a sturdy four spades and I highly recommend that you pick this up and let it consume you this fall."

–Caleb Taylor, OAF Nation–


“Reminiscent of campfire stories, urban myths, and a Stephen King horror story, this chilling tale is the stuff from which nightmares stem. The dynamic plot and spine-chilling storyline kept me on the edge of my seat until the story reached its harrowing conclusion.”

Readers’ Favorite–


“A rip-roaring adventure through the bloodstained underbrush of the human psyche. I simply couldn’t put it down.”

Joseph Donnelly –

The Accursed Huntsman

  • An ancient wooden barrier buried deep in the granite cliffs of Nova Scotia’s rural coastline.


    A long abandoned Victorian mansion sighing in the salty ocean breeze.


    A patchwork team of nobodies ready to breathe new life into humanity’s most ancient mystery.



    Haunted by the hunting accident that took both his leg and the life of his best friend, wilderness guide Jack Steward exists on the wooded fringes of society. When an infamously foolhardy millionaire offers Jack the means to reconcile his past wrongs in exchange for participating in a remote archaeological dig along the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack straps on his worn prosthetic and ventures forth into a world of mystery, deceit, and horror. Little does Jack know that the mismatched gang of killers, junkies, has-beens, and frauds he is about to join will uncover an artifact that will shake the very foundation of history, and maybe even grant him the ability to defeat the demons of his past. However, the expedition also unearths a horrific truth – the artifact wasn’t the only thing hiding deep under the Nova Scotian cliffs...

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