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Over three million acres of dense woodlands make up the North Maine Woods. There are no major towns. No public roads. Nothing but forest for as far as the eye can see.

When two Marines and their Corpsman reunite after a decade apart, they find themselves caught up in the mystery of their former squad leader’s disappearance. With little more to go on than a handful of disturbing charcoal sketches and the whispers of a local legend, they plunge into the depths of one of America’s last truly wild places.

But the trees themselves begin to whisper dark secrets. Secrets of trafficking and violence. Of rotten science and blood. Of something else that lurks in the shadows of the pines — something ancient, savage, and hungry.



“The North Woods is both a terrifying horror novel and a sincere and heartfelt story about coming home from war... Hoover throws his hat in the ring with that other Maine horror author, and not only holds his own, but brings something entirely new to the genre. This story made me feel like I would gladly face eldritch horrors in the Maine woods if it meant I could go on one more patrol with the boys.” 

–Kacy Tellessen, Eugene Sledge Award winning author of Freaks of a Feather: A Marine Grunt’s Memoir




“The North Woods reads like a Stephen King novel that went to war. Hoover writes with the infantryman’s sardonic wit — a mixture of wisdom and dark humor only found in fighting holes and smoke pits.”

–Mac Caltrider, journalist for Coffee or Die Magazine and founder of Pipes & Pages




“It’s a book that has made me feel fear unlike anything I’ve read since I read Cujo at 8 years old. It captures every aspect of classic horror that we all fell in love with while still bringing the sweet breath of fresh air that is originality. The beginning half will leave you guessing if it’s reality or supernatural ’til it is just bluntly shoved down your throat in a terrifying heap. This is by design; there are no accidents… I have no doubt in my mind that this novel will one day be considered a classic and talked about in niche circles about the author’s early days and his style. Don’t miss the train. Go walk into The North Woods.”

–William Bolyard, author of Sober Man’s Thoughts



“Who are we when stripped of the armor of our self belief? What happens when a man must look into his own eyes and confront the stark truths within? Heroes are born of confronting the reality of their human frailty; of walking into night dark caves to be measured against the monsters within. In entering Douglass Hoover’s The North Woods three flawed warriors, men far beyond their prime, are forced to face that reality. It’s a horror story far more familiar than many of us wish to acknowledge, and one with which we must all reckon.”

–Russell Worth Parker, LtCol, USMC (Ret)




“[Hoover] yet again flawlessly weaves a dark and thrilling character-driven adventure with suspenseful and mythic elements woven throughout… I love this book, it is at once an exciting character-driven horror novel and a deep conversation about life, evil, and redemption. And perhaps more importantly than anything, it’s a window into the very real struggles of combat veterans even after they come home.”

–Christopher Packard, author of Mythical Creatures of Maine




“It kept me up all night and haunted my dreams for many after. This isn’t your typical horror story of incompetent characters that leaves you shouting at the page. It’s the story of apex predators backed into a dark corner and forced to fight their way out. Be careful diving into these pages, especially if you frequent the woods.”

–Joseph Donnelly

The North Woods

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